Windemere Resort in Muskoka Ontario

I have discovered HDR photography. I am using a simple camera and a trial version of Photomatix, which is why there is a logo on my photos.

I am liking the results so far. Most of the previous posts are using the program.

This was taken at Windermere, a charming resort at the north end of Lake Rosseau in Muskoka, Ontario. This is looking south down the lake. Windemere is 139 years old and is a grand, magnificant resort.

Wherever You Go - Trust Texaco!

I haven't seen a Texaco gas station in a long time but this sign still stands in a hamlet, Anten Mills, in Springwater Ontario.

Moon River in Bala, Muskoka, Ontario

Bala Falls in Muskoka

Bala Falls 2008

Muskoka Chairs

at Blue Mountain

The Bay

Around Georgian Bay

Winter 2009

Late Summer 2007


Stop In and Smell the Flowers

Don't you wish this was s scatch and smell blog.