Hello and Thank you Everyone

I must be quick as I am posting from work (shhhhhh;)

Thank you all for your woncerful comments, I love them. I am slower to get to my blog as I am on *gasp* dial up!! Booooohoooo *sobs* I hope to have high speed again soon - oh puleeeese - but in the meantime it has been so tough.

On a better note, I am outside and loving it. Its sunny and warm 15 degrees ( approx 60 F)

I still read, but uploading photos and opening links...aaaccckkk

Have a wonderful day.




Watery Wednesday ~ Rushing Waters

These shots were taken just past the lift lock in Port Severn, Ontario (Oct 2008)
Port severn is the last lift lock along the Trent Severn Waterway

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Ruby Tuesday ~ Pavolva Mmmmm

My cousin makes the world's best pavolva topped with so many yummy berries.

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Yellow Mellow Monday ~~ Signs of Spring YAY


I am excited to participate in Mellow Yellow Monday, it is such a cheerful, happy colour.

This little crocus popped up about two days after another snowfall, and with small bits of snow still on the ground.


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Skywatch ~Geese Formation


This isn't a great quality photo, but I loved the geese in v formation, heading south (last October), against the reddish orange sky.

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Sepia Scene ~ One Lane Bridges


This old, one lane bridge on the Nottawasaga River is near a small hamlet, Hammilville - in the Southern Georgian Bay area (15 se of Wasaga Beach).

I used PSP Paint Shop.

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Reflections ~Watery Wednesday

I took this three nights ago. There is broken ice at the shore and the sunset reflected over the water, ice and shoreline.

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Main Street Ontario ~Ruby Tuesday

This is Hurontario St in downtown Collingwood Ontario. There is still the character and 'flavour' of small town Ontario despite the growth outside the town. I like the red brick and the fact they try to maintain the orginal buildings from the 19th century. Collingwood was a shipbuilding town with it's port on the southern end of Georgian Bay. the last ship launch was 26 years ago - I was there. We went over to see it, at the time I didn't realise I was watching history.

When I was looking at other photo blogs, I saw a photo from blogger and had to try a similar shot. The idea isn't mine, I thank EG WOW for the idea.

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Skywatch Friday - Another Georgian Bay Sunset

I never tire of the sunsets, but I will get out with the camera now and see what I can do :o))


Taken late summer 2007 on a beach on the southern end of Georgian Bay, or as I like to call it Gorgeous Bay. It which really should be the 6th Great Lake/bay, instead of just part of Lake Huron.

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Candlelight Sepia Scenes

This is an older photo I took. I just got lucky playing with the setting. It has such a warm, cozy feel to it.


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