Ruby Tuesday ~ Pavolva Mmmmm

My cousin makes the world's best pavolva topped with so many yummy berries.

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Pyzahn said...

I've seen Ina Garten make this on Barefoot Contessa and it always looks so amazing. Are you sharing?

floreta said...

mmm raspberries are my favorite!

realfree said...

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Amanda said...

Looks Berry Delicious!
view my Ruby Tuesday here

That is the chicken said...

This looks delicious! But surely not fresh raspberries in spring in Canada...in Calgary we are nowhere near fresh raspberries!

Carletta said...

Looks delicious!

at the cottage said...

Oh it is delicious. This was last summer and I can hardly wait until the summer for more fresh berries.

I must ask him for the recipe and he loves the Barefoot Contessa