Main Street Ontario ~Ruby Tuesday

This is Hurontario St in downtown Collingwood Ontario. There is still the character and 'flavour' of small town Ontario despite the growth outside the town. I like the red brick and the fact they try to maintain the orginal buildings from the 19th century. Collingwood was a shipbuilding town with it's port on the southern end of Georgian Bay. the last ship launch was 26 years ago - I was there. We went over to see it, at the time I didn't realise I was watching history.

When I was looking at other photo blogs, I saw a photo from blogger and had to try a similar shot. The idea isn't mine, I thank EG WOW for the idea.

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Carletta said...

Great shot!
My Mom and I were just discussing the other day about leaving the original storefronts and architecture.
This shot looks so cold. BRRR...

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Jeri said...

Great photo, it looks like a town I would love to visit! You have such beautiful photos! (your link is to a different post)

Raven said...

Looks cold and wintry but even though it's supposed to be spring, there's snow falling outside my window too. This is a wonderful photo. I love streets that look like this. My nephew just moved to Ontario and is very happy there.

Gayle said...

I love the clock tower (and yes, you link to a post from March). I love the feel of this town.

at the cottage said...

Thank you so much! The weather had changed and spring was here BUT winter came back. So I was over in Collingwood today - and it looked like this again :(

I hope your son likes Ontario Raven, it is a great province with so much to see and do.

I will check the link again. Thanks

Anonymous said...

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