Muskoka Chairs - Sepia Scenes 2009.05.06

After a brief break, and missing all the latest photo memes, I am participating in Sepia Scenes this week ;)

This was taken on Lake Rosseau at Windermere in Muskoka, Ontario. I see our Grandparents many years ago, on the steam boats from Gravenhurst, dressed in their finest, bringing along trunks of clothing, the relaxing in these chairs for an afternoon tea. How grand :) I have had lunch there and it is just the loveliest location.

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Pam said...

I love this scene. It would make a wonderful wall hanging.
Your blog is beautiful, I'm glad I found it!

Jenn Jilks said...

We are fortunate to be living in My Muskoka, its history is an interesting one. I wrote a bit about my family buying this property back in 1960. Such a different way of life. Bartleman wrote an incredible book about Port Carling, where he lived and grew up. Such poverty beside such luxury, and racism.