Ruby Tuesday ~ The Majestic

This theatre, the Majestic, may look run down and shabby, but there are stories that could be told.

This was taken several years ago in Belize City, Belize, Central America. The sign stands out on an overcast grey day. The city is fascinating and there was a vibrancy in this Caribbean town. Oh.. it definitely IS the Mosquito Coast! I didn't take the photo, it is my camera and yes, that is me in front.

For more wonderful Ruby Red Tuesday photos check out Work of the Poet. She has a lovely blog. Enjoy




Carletta said...

I wonder if it's still standing.
I'm sure the stories would be as varied as the guests who frequented this long ago beauty. I think it probably was a beauty in it's day!

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Robin said...

I've always wanted to explore that part of the world, but it's a bit far from Israel so not very likely in the near future.

PS My captcha word for this comment is "later" - I wonder if it's a sign.

Drew Travers said...

I happened on this doing a search and love the photo... may I share a link to this with others of us in Belize? It would be interesting to hear more of "back story" of The Majestic...


Stephanie V said...

Wonderful! And you're wearing red, too.

Dianne said...

she sure does look like a lot has happened to her and around her

I love old buildings

Karen ~Georgia Angel aka ~Leah Rose's Mom said...

Great photo!