Watery Wednesday #81 - Grab the SPF, Summer is Coming

It's almost here....summer at the beach!

Yes that is still ice broken up along the shoreline. Sssshhh ;)

Every year we wait until the small creek 'corrects' itself and the beach isn't so eroded. This rock is one of those special spots that everyone from every generation gets their picture take while sitting or standing on it. Many years this rock has been almost covered with water, but the last several years it is almost completely exposed. The Great Lakes water levels are dropping at alarming rates. After a mild winter, this year will be lower again.

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A Garden of Threads said...

Thanks for stopping by, you have some very beautiful photos on your blog. I became a follower.

Judy said...

Beautiful pictures. Our ice is all gone now. I'd love to see what this looks like in the summer.

Johnny Nutcase said...

ice on the beach! Ugh! Great photos!

George said...

I hope all of your ice is soon gone. I like these pictures. I used to live in Cleveland and know what you mean by changing water levels.
Thanks for visiting my site.