Ruby Red Tuesday ~~ Cherries and Mmmmm :)

Chelsea Buns are popular in small town bakeries around here. I have made it my mission to find the perfect chelsea :)

This one, loaded with red cherries, is from Don's Bakery in Bala, in Muskoka Ontario.

Definitely worth a visit.

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reg said...

these are a favourite of mine, nothing better than a great cup of coffee and a bun in hand.
I am south of you in the Niagara Region. Great to see another Canuck here

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Count me in for the next trip you take there....wow.


A note: I'm going to begin a new meme, started tomorrow evening. You may be interested in participating...at least stop by tomorrow around 6PM my time zone to find out what it's going to be like....

Have a great day just filled with loads of sunshine!!!

hip-chick said...

Oh my that does look so scrumptious.

Spadoman said...

I want some of that! I'll be traveling through Ontario in September, I'll look for a bakery.


Auntie E said...

One word for me to add.....Yummmmmm!
My Ruby link for you

EG Wow said...

Looks decadent! :)