Mosaic Monday 02-08-10 Tea Anyone? :)

I had posted this previously but I haven't shared it on Mosaic Monday. These are a few of my favourite teacups, many Royal Albert. the polka dotted ones are pre-WW2. I still treasure those I have from my Grandmother, Mom and Aunt.



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Crafty Gardener said...

What a lovely collection of teacups. I'd love to sit by the bay and have a cup of tea. Georgian Bay is a lovely spot to visit and we have camped up there many times.

A Garden of Threads said...

I was going to pick a favorite, but I cannot they are all beautiful and all combined make a fantastic mosaic. Take care and have lovely week.

Anja said...

Your teacups remind me at the one's my grandmother had have. Nowadays one drinks tea more in the big cups, but to drink tea in these must be much more enjoyable.

Susan said...

Hi Debbie!
These are so danged pretty. I love the polka dots, and the green one in the upper right hand corner. Oh, I like the pink one in the lower left hand corner as well. They're so pretty. Great mosaic!

Happy Monday to you,

Chatelaine said...

I collect teacups but I don't have any with polka dots. I love yours they are so festive!

I noticed your Martha's Vineyard photo in your sidebar. I am going there 2 weeks from tomorrow. I can't wait!

Will be back to look at prior posts.

Lavender Cottage said...

Very beautiful cups and saucers and if could pick one for tea, I'd choose the large photo in the middle - love the colour and design on that one.

Porch Days said...

Oh, I love the polka dotted cups! One day I am going to be able to unpack my teacup collection and have a place to display them. Soon I hope.

Suzy said...

As a teacup collector, I just love your mosaic!
I was thinking the other day, I have so many beautiful cups yet I always choose to drink out of the same large mug!!